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Threat Analysis

A detailed Threat Analysis, when executed by seasoned Intelligence Analysts, can prove vital to the survivability of your business. Whether the threat relates to facilities, assets, or people, our team of analysts are experienced and equipped to analyze and assess local, state, domestic, regional, or transnational threats.

Our Intelligence Analysts conduct extensive data mining, exploit Open Source Intelligence, and have access local Human Intelligence (HUMINT) assets throughout the United States and the World. Many of our Clients conduct short-notice travel, and our ability to reach out to local assets wherever you are traveling, makes us the obvious choice to identify threats and analyze risk. By identifying and profiling threats, we develop threat matrixes used to help develop a model for a prioritized response.  We take guessing out of the equation, while providing the most likely, and most dangerous threat courses of action. Our attention to detail does not derail our ability to focus on the basic understanding of internal and external threats to our Clients.

If you have an interest in learning about threats to you or your company, we can develop a plan to counter and defeat threats before they can inflict harm. Contact us at, or call us at +1-336-854-1954.