Your Trusted Investigative Solution Since 1983…

Greg Scott – President & Founder

Greg has been a Licensed Private Investigator since 1983. Since entering the profession, his goal has always been to provide exceptional investigations and close protection while promoting increased professionalism, integrity, and cooperation throughout the Security Industry. As the President & Founder of our Agency, Greg directs and guides every aspect of our cases while serving as a mentor, trainer, and coach to our Investigators and Security Consultants.

He is the Founding President (1987) of the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators (NCAPI), and the former President and Chairman of the Board(2008-09) of the World Association of Detectives (WAD – Est. 1925). He was Legislatively Appointed (twice) by both Houses of the Legislature of the State of North Carolina to serve three year terms on the NC Licensing Board for Private Investigators, Security Officers, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), etc. (NCPPSB – Vice-Chairman). Also, after serving six years as the State of NC Government Representative to the International Association of Security & Investigative Regulators (IASIR), Greg was then elected by members to be the Independent Representative of Private Investigators and Security Consultants on this international board.

Greg’s experience with state, national, and international investigations is difficult to match. To date, he has personally conducted investigations and/or directed investigations and security consulting in 79 different countries and 45 of the United States. He is also a respected educator and trainer in the fields of “Non-Violent Crisis Intervention” and “Reid Interviewing and Interrogation.” His specialties include, but are not limited to: Workplace Violence Prevention & Executive Protection (PPS Certified), Independent Executive Security Consulting, National and International Investigations, TSCM, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, and Reid Interviewing & Interrogation Techniques.

Randy Thomas – Operations Manager

Randy is a Licensed Private Investigator and has worked in the intelligence, security, and investigations professions for 29 years. Much of his knowledge and experience result from his background gathering and analyzing intelligence in both government and private sectors. He began working with Scott Investigative Group, Inc. in early 2017, and became a business partner at the end of 2018. His ambition is to provide world-class, client-driven and focused security services tailored to the needs of each case. He takes professional and personal interest in each case, and works with clients to ensure every detail of their needs are met.

His extensive background as a Special Operations Forces Intelligence Integrator brings a wealth of experience to our team. With numerous deployments around the world in support of National Command Authority directed organizations, his attention to detail and commitment to the success of every mission sets conditions for him to exceed expectations in even the most complex case environments. He translates his experience directly to our investigators and security consultants, and fosters a culture of shared purpose and consciousness focused on meeting the needs of our clientele.