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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

OSINT is data collected from publicly available sources that is used for the purpose of developing an intelligence product or report. This particular service utilizes information that can be easily obtained by persons outside of the Security Industry. The difference rests in what we as Investigators are able to glean from the information, as well as how we present it to our Clients.

The single most important elements that set our Investigators apart from other Agencies is the level of focus and dependability that goes into our reporting. Our analysis and the resulting assessment and other deliverables provides our Client with a thorough, easily understood explanation of the data. Our goal is to provide you an Executive Summary that is concise and easily understood, but upon request can provide a thorough report that lays out all aspects of our research and analysis. Let us know if we can help you see yourself, or learn more about your adversaries by contacting us at, or call us at +1-336-854-1954